Beauty is what defines a woman. And it is not just confined to one’s face only. Overall cleanliness is the part that plays an important role in your personal styling. And for sure nobody wants to show off legs that are not as smooth as silk.

Now you don’t always have the time to visit a parlor or wax at home. It is tedious and time-consuming. You cannot afford to have cuts and bruises either so, what is the solution. The conventional women shaving razors are delicate if anything, they don’t often perform what they claim and they usually lack the power to pack that punch.

Women have been found complaining that their electric razors are not as durable and long-lasting nor they cut through those sharp hair perfectly. We have been searching and have found some of the best solutions available for them without harming that delicate skin of theirs.

Below are some of the suggestions we came up with.

Number #1

No doubt this is a men’s shaver, well most of the products we list in this article are primarily made for men but work perfectly for women also. Panasonic is one company that is regularly adding into its beauty line products.

Although they have the sperate electric shavers for both men and women. We suggest all of you ladies out there trying out the above-mentioned model. It already ranks high due to its proven performance in the men’s market.

Though at first, you might say it lacks the bling factor. But we all know looks are not everything right gals!

Let us ignore the looks and the first impression for a moment and move on to performance and I know you will forgive it for it looks if it works fine.

Starting off with that chrome plating you can see it is fine enough to see yourself in it. Don’t flip it you won’t like its ugly rare side. But then again your hand will be covering it so no one really gives it much importance.

Panasonic has been clever with this product they have included a physical on and off travel lock switch. It keeps it from running in your bag while you are traveling so you don’t have to worry about it.

Just below the chrome, there is that excellently crafted rubber grip which helps you hold it in the most natural way. I was actually impressed with how crafty this grip is.

Its charging terminals stick out as three little balls at the rare of this holding handle.

Docking and cleaning stations, a power cord/adaptor, high-grade plastic cover, are included in the package.

It’s handy, lightweight, with one of the most elaborate shaving head ARC 5 is one of the preferred shaving electric razors.

It’s 5 cutting edged blades are powerful and sharp enough to act as a dual shaver and body cleaner.

It is useful in both the dry and wet mode which means you can use shaving cream and get a quick smooth look within minutes.

Active shaving sensors give just the right amount of power to its blades to get the best results.

Well, men know that the hardest part in a shave in that under the chin area that’s where it takes the most time and that is where you find the most rigid of the hair.

Its detachable guard head hides 3 of the 5 blades whereas the head has the 2 most high duty ones.

One can use both the adaptor and the cleaning station as the charging stations for this cordless styler. The charger can run between 100V and 240V. You need to buy a travel plug as its original charger comes designed for the US sockets.

The LED power indicator turns from red to green indicating that batter is on charging.

Panasonic claims its Lithium-ion battery is built to last 45 minutes. Long enough for any length of legs, I guess.  The battery can be seen on the on handle LED display which clearly shows how much juice you have got in this battery. Along with that, there are 6 bar circles also available on the LED screen showing how much life is left in the battery. By 6 being the full and 1 being the least.

You can try this shaver by ordering online.

Some of the pros and cons are as follows.


  • Quick and long-lasting charge
  • In-built fan for easy to clean and dry
  • High performance
  • One of the closest and smoothest shaves
  • Durable


  • Large shaving head
  • Replacement foils and blades are expensive
  • Long and flat-lying hair needs more time to remove completely.
Number #2

Panasonic is no doubt a market leader in the shaving industry. It’s ARC 4 electric shaver remains one of the top-selling products for the last few years.

Let’s look deeper into it.

First things first it delivers what it promises. And ladies that is a huge yes for any product. As soon as you hold it you get the feeling that it is well built. Balanced with a  firm rubber grip.

Its hammer-like head sits like a crown jewel atop a piece of well-designed jewelry. It doesn’t look bossy like Braun and Philips but it gives you a more of a friendly feel.

Its flexible pivoting head works perfectly according to the contours of your legs.

Chrome is in fashion nowadays and is fast becoming the design accessory.

Arc design gives it a tilt that adds in its accessibility and makes it easier to handle.

Easy to operate and honestly speaking it has got the looks.

Its 10-stage LED display keeps you informed about almost everything from indicating the low battery to cleaning and blade swipe reminder.

Lightweight, beautiful and powerful that’s your weapon of choice.

It comes with a  power cord, travel case and, a high-grade plastic protector.

Its 4 advance cutting elements keep working hard till you get the right smoothness. Don’t get disguised by its lightweight it is powerful enough to make you dazzle. It comes with a  quick charge function so if you run out of juice while at it, you can charge it quickly for that ongoing job done perfectly.

It is perfect for both the dry and wet shave meaning you can clean those thorns whichever way you prefer.

You can apply shaving cream or just wet those legs and clean them off or if you are in a hurry you can use the dry function and achieve that smooth silky skin.

Its 1 hour charging time is enough for 10-14 shaves but that’s for men and that for the face while using it as a body cleaner and especially the legs you can expect it somewhere around 4 or 5 shaves.

Panasonic claims it has packed this electric shaver with a45 minutes long. It comes with a charging cord but lacks the docking station.

1hour charging gets its battery full which is long enough for few shaves. So, you don’t have to worry about charging it every time you get to work.

All in all, this is a product you need to try out for your self to believe.

Available online.

We list some of the pros and cons of this product below


  • Close, comfortable shave
  • Waterproof
  • 10-stage LED indicators
  • Wet and dry shaving
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • 2 years limited parts warranty


  • Doesn’t work while charging
  • Battery life could have been better
  • Large shaving head blocks the view
  • No charging dock.
Number #3

Philips is in the market for electric shavers since the beginning. You can say that’s where it all started.

Let’s check out this product from Philips to know it better.

Shaver along with a charging Stand, a nicely crafted soft travel pouch, click-On 5 lengths trimmer, a high-grade plastic protective cap, a power cord and a cleaning brush all come in the pack.


It comes with a  power cord, travel case and, a high-grade plastic protector.

Its 3 circular rotary blades are a preferred choice for many around the world.  It is heavy-duty and comes ready to accept the challenge.

What makes it even better body cleaner and perfect for cleaning the legs is its powerful motor which runs full strength to full 60 minutes. It gives you 1 whole hour of cleaning and styling time.

It is easy to clean and is easy to maintain with such a long time of battery you can get your desired smoothness and still have time to put on the makeup.

It is equipped with the Lithium-Ion battery which gives 60 minutes of shaving time. And recharges in an hour. And if you have no charge left you can use its 3 minutes quick charge option also.

It is available online.

We list some of the pros and cons of this product below


  • 60-minute long Lithium-ion battery
  • Travel pack
  • Easy for both the wet and dry shave
  • Easy to clean under running water.
  • Cordless and rechargeable


  • Cant plug the cord directly to the shaver
  • A separate trimmer can easily be misplaced
  • The Battery is not replaceable.
Number #4

It is one of the most affordable electric shavers on the market and still does the job.

It is sleek and beautiful. Let’s take a better look at it.

As soon as you look at it you know its worth every penny. It has a sleek black handle with a  smarter trim and easy to use power and setting buttons on it. Fits conveniently to hand and gives the comfortable shave.


It is shipped with a travel pouch, cleaning brush, protective cap, and a charging cord. The charging station is optional but is easy to maintain and we recommend that you do use it.

3 stage cutting with intercept cutting technology gives this electric shaver the edge over others. It is made especially to cut the beard and mustache thus you know your thorny legs put no challenge to this destroyer. It cuts through the hardest of the hair and its foil-covered 3 shaving heads provide the best results.

It runs at full strength for full 60 minutes. giving you 1 whole hour to shave your legs.

You can clean it easily by putting its head directly under running water. Being cordless is very easy to handle and if you run out of battery you can directly attach the cord and use it instantly.

Its Lithium-Ion battery gives 60 minutes of shaving pleasure recharging to its full strength in just 2 hours.

It is available online.

According to us the pros and cons of this product are as below


  • Affordable
  • Very powerful and gives a closer shave
  • Long battery life
  • Pop-up trimmer


  • Noisier than the others.
  • Can cause some irritation on the skin
  • If not cleaned regularly drops the hair clipping occasionally.
  • Loose shaver head
  • Gets warm if used for an extended time.
Number #5

Philips has made its mark by setting out the whole range of electric shavers for the past many decades.

Let’s look at this product in detail.

At first, you see this and you don’t believe your eyes. It is a compact sleek and powerful electric shaver. Beautifully designed easy to handle and cordless operated through 2 AA batteries. It is made for that on-the-go shave that you so much need.Philips Norelco PQ208/40 While traveling you often don’t have much time to visit anyone to achieve the sheik look so there you go.


Along with the shaver itself,  you find a protective cap and cleaning brush.


It is compact but powerful, equipped with 2 independently floating heads and self-sharpening blades following the curves.

It is perfect if you need a close shave real quick. Phillips made this cleaver smart electric shaver to ensure smooth close shave every time you put it to the test.

It runs on 2 AA batteries which are unfortunately not rechargeable so you have to replace them once they end their charge.

Available online to have.

According to us the pros and cons of this product are as below


  • Very very cheap
  • Not as noisy as bigger models
  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Because it has a smaller head it shaves better on tighter areas


  • No trimmer
  • No wet shaving
  • Not chargeable
  • Lacks the power
Number #6

Rotary shavers are the first choice for men around the world and their larger head and more powerful motor packs the punch required for getting the job done.

This is a beauty with 3D rotary heads flexing their muscles across the whole area making it effortless to get a smooth shave. Popup trimmer, wet and dry shave all add up to the features that make it a desirable companion. It has a long handle with 5 step battery charge indicator.


Electric Shaver is packed with protective cap, micro USB Cable, cleaning brush, storage bag, and a Warranty Card

Equipped with a  powerful motor and 3D grinding technology and self-sharpening blades work tirelessly to give the best shave. It also prevents the shaver from pulling the hair, which is very handy. SweetLF Electric Shaver Rotary Shaver Suitable for both the dry and wet shaving you can use the foam or gel whichever you prefer. It is waterproof so you can clean it under a faucet easily.

The Lithium-ion battery fully recharges in 1 hour and provides enough juice for 120 minutes that is 2 hours shaving experience. This shaver doesn’t come with a charging dock but is provided with a  micro USB cable.

It is available online

Pros and Cons of this product are as below


  • 3D grinding technology
  • 120 minute run time
  • Fast charging
  • Wet and dry shave option
  • Doesn’t make much noise


  • Can irritate skin
  • On and off button not ideally placed
  • Doesn’t give a very close shave
Number #7

Braun is the leading brand that is in the market. Let’s look at this product in some detail.

Brauns is known for its high standards and this electric shaver is no exception its long beautiful black and blue handle with an amazing rubber grip. And an LED display to indicate the battery life. It feels comfortable while shaving and isn’t heavy.



The shaver comes with a cleaning brush, protective head and charging cable/adaptor.

Mirco Comb is the newest technology Braun has introduced in series 3 shavers. It catches and cuts more hair than before.

Braun patented SensoFoil technology ensures a better closer shave. It is 100% washable and waterproof and is suitable for both the wet and dry shave.

NI-MH battery with 45 minutes run time gets fully charged in 1 hour

As it is waterproof cleaning is an easy task all you need is to wash it under running water and that’s it.

NI-MH rechargeable battery contains 45 minutes charge and can easily be charged with the available charger. It holds if unused the charge for many days so you don’t have to worry.

It is available online.

Pros and Cons of this product are as below


  • Affordable
  • Wet and dry shave option
  • Easy to clean
  • 2 years warranty


  • No pivoting head
  • For a closer shave, you need more passes
  • No traveling pouch
  • No charging dock.

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