To perform at the peak of your performance during the ice hockey match or skate freely like a breeze in the ring. You need a pair of skates that support you and help you get to the next level.

Skates come in different sizes shapes and base loads. You can choose the best for you by a little research.

We worked our way around to look for some of the best in the market and you can also choose one that fits you well.

Number #1

The Bladerunner by Rollerblade Advantage Pro features a standard 4 wheel design offering lots of support when roller skating.

Low balance structure that combining the shell and a frame along with the wheels all together makes a whole system.

It puts you at advantage with a low center of gravity, significantly lowering the risk of falling over.

Design advantages really help the newbies to retain their balance and get a better hang of the fun. As design keeps the boot quite close to the ground as it possibly can.

We always focus hard on the comfort part because if the boot isn’t comfortable for you to wear the fun won’t last long.

As we search through we see that with Bladerunner by Rollerblade Advantage Pro you get plenty of padding to care for your feet. You are always at ease. The padded liner is supported by an easy closure system of buckles, lace, and strap.

Its laces are great to have and can easily be loosened or tighten for a better fit. Whereas the buckles keep the ankles in place and support them during those tighter rolls. They add to the sense of security and you really get strapped in for the go.

Wheels are specially designed for beginners.

80mm wheels with ABEC 7 bearings let you control the speed and direction without a snag.

The balance on the wheels is amazingly comfortable and anyone can maintain the balance perfectly without fear.

It lets you control the speed as you want it and doesn’t go overhead without a warning.

You can start off with lower speed to polish your skills and then can gradually hit the ground hard and start showing off your skills lowly as you improve.

They’re available in men’s sizes 7-13 and are reasonably priced.

For along lasting pair that is not just for the beginners you should invest in them.

Available online.

The pros and cons are as below.


  • High-quality material
  • Strong and durable
  • Outstanding performance and speed control
  • Integrated lacing and buckle system.


  • It doesn’t have good ventilation or odor control.
  • Sheel design makes it harder for the feet.s

Final verdict

Rollerblading is difficult to learn and handle and takes a lot to master it. The skates mentioned above are perfect for a beginner and will support anyone wearing them to start living the dream.

Number #2

Tour Hockey Code 7 has kept everyone in mind while designing their skates. Unlike others, they have not used the same set of rollers for all sizes.

The industry standard 4 wheelbase design is uplifted by the lightweight TUFF-skin exterior for durability and a supportive fit.

It works with you while you are learning to fly on those high rolls.

Balanced by the super tough and stylish Tour Tri-Coil XT. It seriously means business.

They come equipped with comfort fit with a deep heel pocket, wide forefoot, and medium-high instep.

The eviction aluminum chassis provides the sturdy support that it requires for a better grip and balance.

Your feet and ankles are always protected by the high-quality high-Density memory foam ankle pads to keep them steady and in place keeping them safe from any sudden impact.

The comfort pillow padding edge is specially inserted to support the ankle and feet keeping them warm.

The thick tongue supports the gripping and keeping the outer part of the feet warm and in place while assisting in a better fit.  It also serves as a protective cover from the lace bite.

Specially designed comfort quilted Tricot liner with moisture-wicking material is in place to control the moisture and keep feet dry and warm.

Here comes the fun part.

Employing the Tour force speed formula indoor/outdoor wheels, they have tried to keep things under your control at all times.

They also changed the one size fit all formula and have changed the wheelbase corresponding with the sizes.

They have used 72mm wheels for sizes 1 to 4, 76mm wheels for 5 and 6 and 80mm wheels for size 7 to 13.

The wider size range and the clever wheelbase makes them a comfortable fit for skaters of all size and ages.

Easily available online.

Pros and cons are below.


  • Different wheel size for different feet size
  • Well ventilated
  • Better speed control


  • Made only for beginners.

Final verdict

If you want the skates that are the best fit for your feet and they don’t have over aggressive wheels you should opt for it. You get the best control and balance and the best of wheel support.

Number #3

Starting with the boot, the quarter package of the boot is crafted with a lightweight and durable composite reinforced nylon material.

Code 9 Inline Skates are one of Tour’s best and to sellers and they are ideal for both indoors and outdoors. They come with a deep heel pocket a high-volume fit, and high instep wide forefoot.

Quarter-packages are reinforced by the nylon and integrate abrasion-pads for durability and comfort.

For comfort, the boots are made true to the shoe size or at least they tried. Their thick ankle foam provides excellent heel lock and comfort while the soft liner is made from brush nylon to repel the moisture.

2 piece thick tongues are filled with injected foam for extra comfort, better fit, and care from the lace bite.

This is an overall care package with a good fit for the players to keep on performing without a break.

Tour went all out on this model and used BEVO Silver-5 race rated (chrome) bearings for better stability comfort and performance.

Weighing 7 pounds the aluminum base frame supports the weight and tackles the obstacles in a great way.

Kemistry Niton wheels are heavy duty made for performance and are long-lasting.

Available easily online

Pros and cons can be seen as below


  • High performance
  • Warm and nice fit
  • Speed control


  • You have to select your shoes carefully
  • Made for beginners.

Final verdict

Though it is made for beginners and primarily only they should be using it. But the way they are built they can well last for long and they can easily be used as the second pair during later years also.

Number #4

It comes in a variety of colors. So there is a lot to choose from. So its best for the children who like to own shiny and color full, because no matter how good a roller skate is if it is dull in color they would reject it outright

On a  more serious note. The frame is made up of aluminum alloy, primarily to reduce the overall weight low and in check.


Now the best part is that the rollerblades are adjustable with a single press you can adjust the toe to the feet size.

The three-step closure mechanism is in place to ensure that the foot comfortably and perfectly fit into the shoes. They could have avoided the traditional lacing system for the children and could have added the straps more.

If they had to, speed lacing and BOA would have been a better fit.

For introducing the high-end product such as top-notch ABEC 7 bearing company needs to be commended.

They are a bit expensive but to ensure a smooth and quick ride they are almost essential.

They have also avoided using the plastic wheels and instead opted for the polyurethane wheels that are built to last.

During tests, it was found that these wheels are softer and are highly supportive at rough surfaces like sidewalks, roads, and rocks.

They are available online.

The Pros and Cons are as below


  • Bright and multiple color choice
  • Aluminum Alloy frame
  • ABEC 7 bearing


  • Made for beginners
  • Needs a better lacing system

Final verdict

It’s well built, nicely balanced and is there to last a lifetime. You should own them if you want to keep your feet warm and dry. And well balanced.

Number #5

As it is evident by its name its made for kids.

Keeping in view the requirements of the young guns, Rollerblade has put a lot of thought into this product.

With all its features and safety it has become a must-have for the beginners, especially at a young age.

Its synthetic fabric and plastic construction keeps it steady, balanced, warm and sporty at the same time.

As it has 4 sizes adjustable skate you can buy it once and you can let it grow with your child.

Not having to worry about changing the skates with the growing child. That’s one less thing to think about right.\

Its durable Aluminum frame endures almost anything that young guys can throw at it.

Its made according to the hockey grade specifications and sits well with everything.

Its cool graphics front can turn heads and make your child shine.

It has a felt padded tongue for better protection and comfort with lace closure giving a better fit and stability to the feet. The hard shell toe cap is included for better protection and grip.

Bladerunner has employed 72mm wheels and ABEC’s 5 bearings. Mastering the balance and control in one stroke. Its standard brakes are easy to control and gives greater maneuverability.

At 5.4 pounds this is a pair you need to own.

Order online for  a swift delivery.

The Pros and Cons are below


  • The aluminum frame gives great support without putting an unnecessary burden.
  • Adjustable up to 4 sizes


  • Lacks the advance comfort level and technology.

Final verdict

It’s well built, nicely balanced and is there to last a lifetime. You should own them if you want to keep your feet warm and dry. And well balanced.

Number #6

For All those itchings for an outside adventure check out the Reollerguard skates.

Though they won’t give you that professional Hockey skate feeling but they are made for the fun. You can say they are the party-goers among the others.

Roller guard has always been on the crazy side of the design since its beginning. They are the ones who introduced the idea of roller skating type blade guard. AND with their product ice skaters get more out of their skates.

The reliable non-marking wheels are made to math perfectly and offer better support and balance to anyone utilizing them.

Rollergard is considered to be one of the best in the market for ice skaters to practice out of the ring and still be as lethal and speedy.

Made of lightweight durable, long-lasting plastics they don’t allow the base of the skates to touch the ground thus keeping you afloat.

They are really easy to put on and off and can be used on a minute’s notice.

They are made to fit all sizes and work best with size 9 and smaller foot sizes.

For any smooth and hard surface let it be in the rink or outside these skates are your first choice.


The company uses a sturdy 2 in the front and 2 at the rear approach keeping the weight well balanced and keep you moving at the same time without any hindrance.

The company chose to use ABEC 5 bearings for better balance, performance, and durability.

The blades remain sharper longer and because they are protected inside the RollerGard’s high-quality plastic cases including the air holes draining out extra moisture from wet blades.

A locking mechanism keeps blades in place safely when used.

Weighing 2.7 pounds they are easy to carry, use and store.

Available easily online

The pros and cons are as below


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Made from high-grade plastic
  • Indoor and outdoor wheels and brakes available


  • Made only to ice hockey skates
  • Some skaters find it difficult to adjust to the skates.

Final verdict

Though these are made for ice hockey skaters ut some find it difficult to use them efficiently. They are nonessential but are of extra help for the skaters especially the beginners and the children.

Number #7

Specially made for zipping around city streets with speed and stability.

They are reliable and smooth enough for tackling any plane that they come across ranging from the rough sidewalks to the trails and far beyond.

High Impact Aluminum Frame is lightweight and durable just perfect for the strong and fast.

The 3-wheel design and shorter but much lighter and durable frame offered by ST-110 skates provide better control and cornering than those 110mm skates you find mostly around.

Combining with the wide-ranging support and comfort giving boot for your foot and an easy and secure closure system.

5th Element Panther employed 3 wheelbases for better control and speed check. Making you fly through those rough city corners.

Its high-density, polyurethane wheels are made to skate on rough and asphalt surfaces without wearing down easily.

Armed with traditional laces, a cuff buckle and ratchet strap for triple support to ankle and comfort at the same time.

Available online.

View the pros and cons as listed below


  • Lightweight durable frame
  • 3 wheel system
  • Provides better control


  • Made for recreational use
  • Cant support heavy skaters.

Final verdict

To fly across the streets in the city, or skate your way to the school you should look at buying the pair. It works great for all of the asphalt-based surfaces such as roads and sidewalks.

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