Men grooming is a booming industry and it has evolved from simple shaving.

Electric shavers have grown to serve as body cleaners and more. Now you can even clean your balls with one.

We see a lot of new products coming to the market for electric shavers especially self-grooming, hygiene, and body cleaning.

The Past decade has seen men taking a keen interest in self-styling, grooming, and presentation that has forced consumer companies to come up with the products to fill the demand.

It was embarrassing for men to use the traditional or even try using the electric shavers as body grooming products especially for genitals and many have endured cuts while doing so.

Philips, Remington, Gillet, Wahl, and others are at the forefront of this niche market. They all have come up with products that claim to care for a man’s needs.

Today we decided to dig deeper into this market and recommend some of the best products available.

Let’s start with Philips Norelco.

Number #1

Phillips has been a market leader in the personal care products market for decades now. Its ability to read the market and come up with products that suit every pocket has kept it one f the most sought after brand names.

With this like other electric shavers Philips has kept its mark.

It’s a dual-sided grooming electric shaving system. A foil shaver at the top and trimmer at the bottom. Philips has been clever and crafty with this electric shaver making literally both ends work.

Philips nailed this product in the design aspect. A look at it makes you have it in your arsenal.

Silver plastic body with an unusual bronze tint resembling metal gives it its signature look. It looks heavy but is lightweight and easy to handle.

The integrated comb has a matt finish which is easier to glide on the skin. Overall this shaver impresses with its design.

Charging cord, cleaning brush, a soft travel pouch, and warranty cards are included in the package.


It is a dual shaving head electric shaver with foil head at one and the beard trimmer at the other end. Its sleek and stylish design makes it a must-have accessory in one’s styling and grooming package.

Its 100% washable heads are designed for the body grooming with a powerful motor that is made to work hard.

Suitable for both the dry and wet shaving experience You can use it in both modes.

It has an adjustable combing trimmer that comes with 5 adjustable settings ranging from 3 mm to 11 mm,  making it the best option to get your self clean by your self.

Super sharp and 100% waterproof stainless steel blades coupled with the matte finished comb trimmer is easier on the skin.

5 years warranty on the lithium-ion battery that runs for 80 minutes cordless working.

Available to serve again within 1 hour of charging. This is a machine made for long performance.

The battery charge indicator is available on the handle so you don’t have to worry about running it dry while you are working.

Easily available online.

Some of the pros and cons are as follows.


  • Dual-sided shaver
  • 100% waterproof
  • Wet and dry option available
  • Amazing battery life
  • 5 years warranty


  • Expensive
  • Hard to shave off the hairs on the back
  • No handle attachment like other models
Number #2

Philips is in the market to stay and this is evident by this product.

This is what you can say is a truly one product does it all. To maintain yourself all you need is this electric shaver. Cleans chest armpits and balls making them squeaky clean.

It is quite durable and a long-lasting product.

At first, it looks like a safety blade on top of an electric shaver. It has a 7-inch long handle designed to fit in hands perfectly. Its long handle is easier to reach the areas where others cannot.

Bi-directional,  thus easier to use from both sides. Giving the option to use the blade in any way you desire. It also helps protect from irritation avoiding pulling and tugging.

Its rubber-like gray material provides a firmer and steady grip. Its glossy black trim provides it an attractive look.

No Led panel to indicate the battery life and just on/off button. The extremely thin shaving head at 45o is useful for erasing all those unwanted hair on the body.

Twist the lower part to handle to replace the battery.

The trimming comb looks a bit clumsy. And you need both of the attachments to use the shaver. 100% waterproof easier to clean.

A skin protector attachment, trimming comb attachment, cleaning brush, shower strap, Philips AA battery, and a trimmer all part of the packaging. It is quite an extensive package.

It gives both dry and wet option for a closer cleaner shave. The body has a larger area to clean thus needs a more powerful performance. Men on the tighter budget prefer the electric shaver that is made for body grooming.

The two rows of the metal comb are perfect for trimming and closer shave. You can use this trimmer on dry skin and if you want you can use it with the foam and gel also.

The traditional shaving blade-like design makes it a lot convenient to use and because of its dual-use capability, it can clean the sensitive genital area more thoroughly.

For hair growing on the wrong side of the skin, you need only this trimmer.

Waterproof and easily washable under running water. Runs on an AA battery that is the only drawback. Though you don’t have to deal with tangy cords any more you don’t know when your battery will give way.

Finding a place to store your accessories is often painstaking not with this one. Its long and strong shower cord makes it easier to hang it anywhere easily. Use, clean and hang that’s all you need.

It is an AA battery-powered trimmer which is both its strength and its weakness. You free your self from the hassle of the cords but you also are unaware when your battery is about to end.

Though Phillips claims that a single AA battery will run for about 50 minutes but in the age of rechargeable machines AA powered trimmers are a bit outdated.

Although you may not feel any drop in power for a long time, still it is not rechargeable and can run out any time.

Available online for a quick purchase.

Some of the pros and cons are as follows.


  • Runs smoothly on the skin without irritation.
  • Doesn’t pull hair.
  • Runs for a long on a single AA battery.
  • Clean and smooth shave.


  • The battery runs out without indication.
  • Hair gets clogged in the head so it needs constant cleaning during shaving.
  • Head is not on a pivot making it hard to work in the contours of the body.
  • For thicker hair, you need to have more strokes.
  • Remington is a premier name in the shaving world and it comes to the market with a mega attachment deal.
Number #3

Remington stormed the market with this head to toe trimmer and styling gadget. Making to fit 9 different attachments on a single high powered handle.

If you are on a tight budget but still want to look at your best you need the Remington.

As soon as you open the box you know you have paid for a treasure. The long stylish handle that acts as the anchor for all the accessories that are part and parcel of this package.

Within less than $50 you pay for a facial shaver, nose trimmer or a back trimmer. Its main trimmer has 2 surgical steel blades for your facial hair.

The number of attachments that come with this trimmer includes the nose, ear, eyebrow trimmers, a vertical body shaver is something you need with those sensitive areas such as your balls.

Sleek black plastic cover with silver buttons. In the middle of the groomer, you find the on/off button.

You find a full-size trimmer, a heavy-duty foil shaver, the nose, an ear, and a detail trimmer along with vertical body hair trimmer; hair clipping comb with 8 length settings and last but not the least 3 beard and stubble combs are part of the package.

You also get the charging stand for the main trimmer.

In the given price range Remington Body groomer is the best choice. It doesn’t ask for a ton of money for what it does. It is well worth your investment in a self-caring and grooming package.

From foil shaver to the grooming devices you can keep on changing your styles with its large number of attachments.

It’s a perfect body cleaner and works amazingly great at the sensitive body areas where others find it difficult to reach.

Vertical body trimmer is made for that rigid body hair that are otherwise difficult to clean. You can comfortably glide it across your body for a smooth finish.

Adjustable lengths are great to get the job done in a single pass.

Powered by a Lithium battery it takes 4 hours to charge for 70 minutes of cordless use.

It has a long useful life before it asks you for another charge. Its charge indicator is placed right below the on/off button and is quite reliable.

Charging racks don’t take much of the space and sits comfortably at your bathroom rack.

You can have it online.

Pros and Cons are following.


  • Lightweight
  • Long battery
  • Self-sharpening blades
  • A long list of attachments


  • The battery takes some time to charge
  • Attachments are confusing
  • Weak motor
  • Nose trimmer is poorly designed
Number #4

As soon as you set your eyes ion this you know it is Gillette. The signature blue and silver colors set this product apart,

If this doesn’t turn your head nothing will.

Gillette has plated is safe by integrating the Braun technology in its electric body shaver. This is a 3 in 1 body groomer.

It is one long slim handle with a powerful motor powered by a single battery.

Styler logo defines it perfectly.

With this electric body groomer, Gillette combines the best of both worlds the motor excellence and the best shaving experience a man can get.

The 4 side by side most advanced blades by one of the leading blade manufacturers provide the closest and smoothest shave possible.

Its beard trimming attachments are made to work with the hair of your desired length.’

Though it is primarily a facial razor it works amazingly as a body trimmer.

The slim and adorable trimmer is just right for your neck and faces especially the jawline and chin, The smarter head area with 4 side by side most advanced blades cut and clear maximum hair effortlessly.

Its edging trimmer measures only 2 cm yes you read it right 2 cm, not inches.

In the box, you receive a trimmer, a ProGlide Power Cartridge, three trimming combs, one battery, and a holder.

This is maybe the slimmest but one of the most effective electric shaver you may use for all your manly needs. You need minimum effort to get the best look.

4 advance blades work in sync with the contours of your face to get the best shave you can get from an electric shaver.

It is effortless and comfortable. Works really well on that AA battery. Though it is compact but has the feature to use for a wet shave so you can take it to the shower with you and use it without any fear.

From foil shaver to the grooming devices you can keep on changing your styles with its large number of attachments.

It’s a perfect body cleaner and works amazingly great at the sensitive body areas where others find it difficult to reach.

Vertical body trimmer is made for that rigid body hair that are otherwise difficult to clean. You can comfortably glide it across your body for a smooth finish.

Adjustable lengths are great to get the job done in a single pass.

Runs on a single AA battery, though a bit disappointing but expected in this price range. Unexpectedly the battery lasts long and despite the amazing results this razor doesn’t use much and the single AA battery works for a long time.

Can order online.

View the pros and cons below.


  • Clean shave
  • Affordable
  • Changing the blade head is easy
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof


  • No rechargeable battery
  • Can cause irritation
  • The head breaks.
Number #5

Now, this is the brand famous among the professionals and that itself speaks volumes about its durability.

A precision ground trimmer with long-lasting foiled head. It is worthy of your attention.

It is made for professionals by professionals. A hard-working machine and hard. Shaving trimming and cleaning its aces in all departments.

Let’s see it in more detail

The gray and black robust look attracts towards itself in the first look. You develop trust with this shaver as soon as you see it. And it lives up to and beyond your expectations.

Covered with a  strong rubber on its sides provide a firm grip. Fits in the hand well and you can use it comfortably even in wet conditions.

A sleek handle hosts the 3 step charge indicator, on and off switch and an LED on indicator light.

Wahl Smart Shave shaver, a handy foil cap, blade oil, a nice cleaning brush, travel pouch and a power cord with adapter are part of the package.

Since 1919 Wahl is trusted by the professionals in the market. Wahl doesn’t disappoint with this body cleaner also.

2 separate speed flex foiled heads for both symmetrical and asymmetrical patterns. A bi-directional long hair interceptor makes it a perfect match for body hair.

Its floating foil enables to get a better closer shave in minimum time.

It is 100% waterproof and supports both dry and wet shaving options so you can get the desired smoothness and cleanliness.

It has a long 90 minutes battery that lasts for any amount of job that you may come up with. Its powerful motor runs at the speed which makes you forget all your past experiences.

Compared to a blade shave it is the best next ti=hing you can experience.s

You can clean your device in a few minutes by just putting it under the running water and you are done. It gets clean really fast.

Lithium-ion fast charging technology.

It takes only an hour to get the battery full which runs smoothly for 90 minutes long.

In line with the more famous brand names, Wahl stands to the test and comes out successful.

Its 90-minute long battery takes out almost any kind of hair that you may want to get rid of.

You can order your piece online.

You may find its pros and cons below


  • Affordable
  • Nice grip
  • Lightweight
  • Impact-resistant
  • Ground precision trimmer
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Quick and smart charge options
  • Easy to handle and clean


  • Can’t find replacement foils or cutters.
  • To shave better you need to trim your longer hair first.
Number #6

The name shows its purpose. It is a purpose-built for below the belt cleaning. Personal hygiene is at its best with the heavy-duty body trimmer.

Simple looking groomer takes the manscaping to the level next.

Comes from a father-son duo specializing in the men’s styling this simple looking device hides a powerful motor.

As the name suggests it works even on the hard hair. Increasing your chances to score a goal with your lady.

Believe me, nothing impresses a girl more than a clean partner.

This man groomer deserves a better look. Let’s do just that

Sleek black cylinder design, nicely engineered and well presented.  It ticks all the right points in our chart. It is sleek making it a very handsome addition in your grooming arsenal.

At first, it looks a bit past decade but when you look it closer you see the daredevil in the details.

Replaceable ceramic blade works efficiently on your groan area, especially the super sensitive balls.

Its changeable wet and dry clippers are strong and super handy to clean those down the line hairs quite effectively. Giving you a smooth look.

Unlike other trimmers, this is engineered for the area that requires extra attention.

It doesn’t disappoint you at any step of the way.

Electric trimmer, replaceable ceramic blade heads and USB cable come in the packaging.

Guys its time you join the Manscape wagon. Once you use this trimmer down south you will ask yourself why you didn’t do it earlier.

It works unbelievably great with both dry and wet options. The narrower blade is perfect to clean that specific area and it runs smoother on the balls also.

There were some issues in cutting the wet hair. And you need to be careful it is powerful and can cause bruising for the sensitive skin.

6000 rpm motor is 50% more strong giving it the extra power to cut through any type of hair easily.

QuiteStroke Technology makes it a super quiet worker. You can use it to finish the job as your girl waits for you the next door and still it won’t kill the mystery.

Charged by a USB cable, it does come with a USB cable but not the charger. You can use standard USB ports to charge your weapon.

Battery took almost 4 hours to charge completely to deliver the relentless 1 hour of performance.

It is available online for you to have.

We list some pros and cons down here


  • Engineered for downtown jobs.
  • Sleek
  • Super quiet
  • Long battery
  • 6000 rpm strong battery
  • Ceramic rustproof blades


  • A bit too expensive
  • A rechargeable battery takes a lot of time to charge.
  • It doesn’t include a charger.
Number #7

The Philips NorelcoBG2028/42 Body-groom 3100 groomer is visibly improved compared to the earlier models because of the various advancements that are part of this product.

It seems as Phillips has put a lot of thought before making this model.

Its 3 combs are designed to care for different hair lengths and the shaved head makes sure you don’t get those nicks or cuts.

Skin-friendly and comfortable when shaving or even trimming any short hairs.

This product combines the tradition with modern era cool looks. Its single shaving head is how most of us recognize the electric shavers.

Offering shave and trimming options this gives you the ability to shave your underbelly area or trim for a quick clean.

A bit bulky and heavy looking product is incredibly easy and efficient to use.

Its hypoallergic foil prevents skin irritation and combined with the attachments it glides the best possible way on your skin.

3 combs work on different lengths of hair to trim and make them up to your desired length or to shave them off later.

It comes with a trimmer, a charging dock, a charger, and 3 comb attachments.

Runs smooth like butter and with its dual cutting system you can acquire the desired length and smoothness quickly without irritation.

Rounded trimming combs glide over the skin without giving any irritation.

They are adjustable and fix without an effort.

Its highly efficient hypo allergic foil is especially added to prevent the irritation and redness of the skin while using it on the sensitive parts especially the balls.

Self-sharpening, maintenance-free blades keep working for a long time as it is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about taking it to shower with you.

Can be used for dry or wet shave or a trim.

It comes with a sleek charging and storage stand that puts enough juice in its battery for long cordless use.

Being cordless you can take your fully charged shaver anywhere put it to use without the fear of it running out of juice while working.

It doesn’t have quick charge option and it takes around 8hours to charge the battery for 50 minutes of cordless use.

For that length of time, I would say the Phillips could have improved its charging time or add the now somewhat standard quick charge option.

You can look online for this product to use and assess yourself.

Pros and cons are listed below


  • Perfect for dry and wet use.
  • Shaver head is designed to reduce or even prevent the nicks and cuts.
  • 2 years warranty
  • Self-sharpening blades


  • Takes 8 hours to charge for a 50 minutes use.
  • Attachments are a bit loose.
  • No quick charge option.

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